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Logopedic Center Varna

Speech therapy in Bulgaria has been functioning successfully since 1955 when the first speech therapy unit was founded in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria). Some months later in August the second one opened doors to public and this time it was in Varna. There was only one unit in Varna up to 1968. In 1974 their number grew to seven. Then they were united into a School of Speech Therapy with units in different comprehensive schools and kindergartens in Varna. This school functioned until 2000 when it was replaced by a Speech and Language Therapy Centre – Varna. Its main function is to diagnose, rehabilitate and correct all kinds of language and speech disorders of children aged 3 – 5 years old and students from I – XII grade. All this service is free of charge. The centre offers paid help to adults who have graduated high school.

Since July 2008 the Speech Therapy Centre has been financed by Varna Municipality.

The Centre hosts 27 units situated in municipal schools and kindergartens. There are four specialized speech therapy units aimed at:

  • Correction of stammering
  • Correction of incorrect sound pronunciation
  • Correction of writing disorders leading to problems with learning
  • Correction of oral speech disorders
27 specialists teach children and students who need help.

Each school year about 650 children and students with various communicative disorders use the services of the Centre. Among them the largest is the percentage of those with oral speech disorders, followed by writing disorders leading to learning problems.

Some of the specialists of the Centre are members of the National Alliance of Speech Therapists in Bulgaria, which is a member of the European Association of Speech Therapists (CPLOL) since April 2007.

In June 2008 the application of our Centre for participation in the European Project “School Visits” has been approved. The aim of the visit in March in Vaudabon, France is to discuss the problems of dyslexia.